Here Are 5 Best Deodorant Recommendation for All Skin Types

Smelly and wet underarms can lower self-confidence and may interfere with daily activities. One way to deal with smelly armpits is to use deodorant. Now,Farmaku has summarized the following deodorant recommendations for body odor!

Recommendations for a good deodorant to deal with body odor

Having bad body odor is one thing that is difficult to avoid. Especially if you have dull armpits and produce a lot of sweat, it often causes yellow folds of clothes.

Almost everyone must have experienced the same thing. So no need to worry, smelly armpits can also be caused by excessive aluminum content in the deodorant you use.

In addition to consuming enough water, keeping your underarm skin clean regularly, you can use the right deodorant to deal with bad body odor.

Want to know brand recommendations deodorant which is good for body odor in men and women? FarmaFriends, check out the list below!

1. Rexona Free Spirit Roll On

deodorant for body odor

The first deodorant for body odor is a product from Rexona. With a soft and subtle fragrance, this deodorant has roll on which dries easily when applied to the underarm skin. So it can be free from excessive sweating.

This product is suitable for you who are happy traveling or a lot of outdoor activities, because sweat will not penetrate through this product.

The shape is not so big that it is practical and easy to carry anywhere.

2. Rexona Unisex Invisible Black + White

deodorant recommendations for men

This Rexona Deodorant Spray provides optimal quality assurance in eliminating odors from the body.

With a size of approximately 200 ml, this deodorant product to eliminate body odor can be easily found in the market at a fairly affordable price.

Besides being able to be used by women, Rexona Invisible Black + White can also be used by men. For those of you who don’t like pungent smells, take it easy, this product has a scent with a soft accent but still lasts a long time.

3. Nivea Extra Whitening

deodorant for teens

Nivea Extra Whitening is enriched with vitamin C and pearl extract which can brighten, smooth, and shrink underarm skin pores.

This deodorant is formulated to prevent body odor for 48 hours, making it suitable as a deodorant recommendation for teenagers who do a lot of outdoor activities.

It has a light and non-sticky texture. Don’t worry, this product has been dermatologically tested so it’s safe for even sensitive skin.

4. Dove Go Fresh Pome

deodorant for teens

Dove has a wide range of deodorant products. Starting from the shape roll-on, spray, until dry serum which of course can be tailored to your needs.

This variant of Dove deodorant can provide protection from sweat and body odor for up to 48 hours, you know FarmaFriends. With 1/4 . content moisturizing creamThis product will keep the underarm skin smooth and moist.

In addition, it is also free of alcohol content so that the underarm skin remains safe and avoids the risk of irritation that usually occurs after shaving.

Another plus is that there is a combination of pome fruit and lemon verbena aromas that can provide freshness throughout the day.

5. Ax Deo Anarchy For Her Ex

deodorant recommendation

Comes in the form of sprayThis deodorant has a refreshing scent that gives a feminine and luxurious feel, making it suitable for everyday use.

Ax Deo Anarchy For Her Ex is ready to prevent unpleasant odors due to excessive sweat from your armpits. Equipped with micro-active capsule which can release a splash of freshness throughout the day.

Another advantage of this product is its smooth texture so it does not irritate the skin and is safe to use for sensitive skin.

So, now which deodorant do you want to try FarmaFriends? To keep your armpits dry and avoid body odor, make sure to regularly clean and care for all areas of your body. Use the type of deodorant that suits your needs.

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