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Benzoyl Peroxide – What to Expect When Using For a Few Weeks

Benzoyl Peroxide is an important chemical in treating acne and clearing out the bacteria that causes it. It is sometimes acidic in nature due to the ‘burning effect’ which some users feel upon first try, and frequent tries. Here are some things to expect during this benzoyl peroxide period.

Week 1 (a small amount of BP)

You will see some improvement but your skin will be irritating, red and itchy. Your skin is still getting used to the treatment. Start with small droplets moving on to ‘fingertip full’ For serious acne problems, it may be a bit slower.

Week 2 (a bit more BP)

Red and irritation decreases but acne clear up may be followed by quicker breakouts which go away quickly. This is due to the bacteria ‘flushed out’ of the skin and it will go away. You may need to try something else if your skin is still red or itchy.

Week 3 (Using more BP)

The clear up is much more visible but so are red spots from old acne. If the acne was previously serious, expect a few more breakouts before it stops. Put on a little moisturizer to cool down the reddened skin.

Week 4 (continue same amount)

At this point, you are starting with acne breakout prevention treatment. The acne is gone but some red spots may still appear. Some have complained that the process is slower than expected but no one heals the same way. If most of the redness is gone, it’s working so far.

Week 5 – 8 (varied amount depending on acne presence)

Keep using the BP to keep skin clear. Red spots have faded by now, even for the serious cases. However, there may be a few with continuing problems so it may require help elsewhere.

Week going onwards

Keeping applying small amounts of BP daily to keep skin clear. After three months of treatment, serious acne problems are gone. A pimple may appear once or twice which is to be expected. Just keep your face clean and remember to put on even a little BP before the start of the day.

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